Congress Report
Photo: Nara City Sightseeing Information Center, Kofuku-ji Temple
Photo taken by Tatehiko Yano
Koryo Town

Head of Town Government

Mr. Yoshiyuki Yamamura, Mayor
Assumed the mayoralty in July 2013 (third term)





16.30 km2 (January,2024)


35,144 (as of January,2024)
Men: 16,894 Women: 18,250  


PY 60.8billion (as of 2020)

Upper Tier

Nara Prefecture

Geographic Features

Located in the Midwestern part of Nara Basin, To the East is Miyake and Tawaramoto Town、to the South is Kashihara and Yamato Takada City. To the West is Kashiba City and Kanmaki Town. To the North is Kawai Town. The East of Koryo is expansive flat plains while the Western part becomes a range of hills. In the center of Koryo flows the first class Takada and Katsuragi Rivers. On the Eastern border of Koryo flows the Soga River.

Main industries

Manufacturing of socks and plastics, as well as extensive farming.


Town tree: Osmanthus
Town flower: Sunflower


Number of visitors

1.07 million (2022)


Official website

Sources: Official website of Koryo Town, The 5th Koryo Town Comprehensive Plan, Nara Prefecture Cities, Towns, and Villages Economic Forecast Report.

(As of March, 2024)