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Photo: Nara City Sightseeing Information Center, Kofuku-ji Temple
Photo taken by Tatehiko Yano
Tokushima Prefecture

Head of Prefectural Government

Mr. Masazumi Gotouda, Governor
Assumed governorship of Tokushima Prefecture (first term) in May 2023





4,146.99 km2 (2024)
36th largest of 47 prefectures


693,084 (as of January,2024)
Men: 331,481 Women: 361,603
44th most populated of 47 prefectures



Nominal: JPY 3.1852 trillion
Real: JPY 3.1920 trillion (both in FY2020)

Location of prefectural offices

Tokushima City

Geographic features

 Located on the eastern edge of Shikoku Island, Tokushima is bordered by the Inland Sea and the Kii Channel in the North, and the Pacific Ocean in the South. Forests cover about 76% of the Prefecture, and the North and South geographic divide is punctuated by the central Shikoku Mountain Range. In a dramatic contrast to the South, where mountains stretch to the coast and there is little flat land, the flow of the Yoshino River sculpts the North into wedge-shaped plains.

Main industries

Chemical engineering; Electrical components and devices manufacturing; Electrical circuit production; Food production

Prefectural symbols

Prefectural tree: Yamamomo
Prefectural flower: Sudachi flower
Prefectural bird: White heron
Prefectural color: Indigo

Number of visitors

14,043,000 (2022)

Administrative divisions

Tokushima Prefecture --- 8 cities, 15 towns, 1 village

Official website

Sources (including and not limited to): Tokushima Prefectural Government website

(As of March, 2024)