Photo: Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
Heijo-kyo, Japan’s first capital was established in the beginning of the 8th century, while influenced by various range of civilizations from many places on the Eurasian Continent, especially from East Asia.

For the present, people in East Asia are witnessing so dynamic pace of exchanges that really reminds us of the ancient time of Nara’s capital relocation. And the year of 2010 marks the 1300th anniversary of Heijo-kyo capital. Taking this memorable opportunity, while thanking to people in East Asia as well as our predecessors who established basic framework of nation’s administrative managements which remain still unbroken from age to age until now, we think it necessary to lay the groundwork for further development of East Asia and to promote proactive efforts leading to momentum to put on a firm footing for realization of these idea.

For this purpose, we have held and established “the first East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress” as one of the core events of the Commemorative Events of the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo capital.

The objectives of this Congress is to provide the opportunity for representatives of the local and regional governments to update one another on the realities and challenges of the regions, discuss common issues and promote deeper mutual understanding.
By thus convening on a regular basis, we believe that the local and regional governments can improve administrative capacities, strengthen friendship and trust amongst themselves, and in more expected way, with making out complementary function to what bilateral diplomatic activities care, contribute to East Asia’s development in more peaceful way.