Congress Report
Photo: Nara City Sightseeing Information Center, Kofuku-ji Temple
Photo taken by Tatehiko Yano
Shiga Prefecture

Head of Prefectural Government

Mr. Taizo Mikazuki, Governor
Assumed the governorship in July 2022 (third term)





38th largest out of 47 prefectures


1,405,245 (As of January 1, 2024)
Men: 693,135 Women: 712,110


Nominal: JPY 6.7397 trillion
Real: JPY 6.7984 trillion (both in FY2020)



Geographic features

A basin surrounded by mountains over 1,000 meters high, located roughly at the center of Japan. At its center, occupying a sixth of the prefecture, is Lake Biwa, the greatest lake in the country. About 450 rivers flow into Biwa from the mountains, forming deltas. This is the Omi Basin. Lake Biwa is an important water source for people and industries in Kansai.

Main industries

Chemicals; general, production and industrial machinery; electrical machinery and equipment; transportation equipment; food


Tree: Japanese maple

Flower: rhododendron

Bird: little grebe

Number of visitors

45,470,000 (2022)

Administrative divisions

13 cities, 6 towns (2024)

Official website

Sources: Sources: Official website of Shiga Prefecture;  monthly population estimates (as of 24/1/1) and 2020 estimated results of economic calculations by the Shiga Statistics Division; 2022 tourist survey by the Shiga Tourism Board 


(As of March, 2024)