Congress Report
Photo: Nara City Sightseeing Information Center, Kofuku-ji Temple
Photo taken by Tatehiko Yano
Kumamoto Prefecture

Head of Prefectural Government

Mr. Ikuo Kabashima, Governor
Assumed the governorship in April 2008 (fourth term)




7,409.18km2 (2023)
15th largest of 47 prefectures


1,738,301 (as of October,2020)
Men: 822,481 Women: 915,820
23rd most populated of 47 prefectures


Nominal: JPY6.1051 trillion
Real: JPY5.9941 trillion (both in FY2020)


Kumamoto City

Geographic features

Located roughly in the center of Kyushu. To the west, Kumamoto Prefecture faces the Ariake Sea and Yatsushiro Sea, as well as the open ocean to the East China Sea. The climate is warm in general with the coast of Amakusa islands having the northernmost coral reefs. The area around Kumamoto City has an inland climate with wide differences in temperature between hot and cold.

Main industries

Manufacture of: Machine for production; Transportation equipment;
Food; Electronic parts, devices and electronic circuit(2020)



Prefectural tree: Camphor tree
Prefectural flower: Gentian
Prefectural bird: Lark
Prefectural Fish: Prawn

Number of visitors

Total 32,436 thousand (2021)

Administrative divisions

Kumamoto Prefecture --- 14 cities, 23 towns, 8 villages

Official website

Sources: Official website of Kumamoto Prefecture; Official website of Geographical Survey Institute; Official website of Statistics Japan.

(As of May, 2023)