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Photo: China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office
Dujiangyan City

Head of City Government

Mr Zhang Yadan, Mayor

Assumed Mayor of Dujiangyan City in July, 2020








717,400 people (As of June, 2022)


GDP in Dunhuang City

50.68 billion yuan(2023)


Upper tier

Sichuan Province


Geographic features

Dujiangyan City is located at the mouth of Minjiang River on the northwest edge of Chengdu Plain, between latitude 30°44 '-31 °22' N and longitude 103°25 '-103 °47' E. It is bordering Pengzhou City, Pidu District and Wenjiang District in the east, connecting to Wenchuan County in the west and north, and adjacent to Chongzhou City in the south. 48 kilometers away from Chengdu, Dujiangyan covers an area of 1208 square kilometers, belonging to the subtropical humid monsoon climate zone of Sichuan Basin.


Main industries

Tourism, Ecological agriculture, Medical care and health preserving


City symbol

Ginko Tree


Number of visitors

28.65million (2023)


Administrative divisions

6 sub-district offices, 5 towns


Official website


Sources: Dujiangyan Municipal People's Government Portal Website: "Dujiangyan·China"


(As of March, 2024)