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Weifang City

Head of City Government

Mr. Liu Jianjun, Mayor
Assumed the mayoralty in March 2023



16,200 km2


9.400 million


RMB 7306.5billion (year 2022)

Development Zones

Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone(National level), Binhai Economic Development Zone(National level),Comprehensive Bonded Zone(National level), Xiashan Ecological Economic Development Zone(Provincial level) and Weifang Economic Development Zone(Provincial level)

Upper tier

Shandong Province

Geographic features

Situated in the central part of Shandong Peninsula, Weifang enjoys advantageous location and convenient transportation. Neighboring Bohai Sea and Laizhou Bay to the north, Weifang has a coastal line of 158 kilometers. Seven highways such as Qingdao-Yinchuan Highway, Rongcheng-Wuhai Highway, several railways including Qingdao-Jinan Railway, Jiaozhou-Xinyi Railway and many state and provincial roads go through the city. Weifang Port has been approved to be open as a National Grade A Port by the State Council. Weifang Airport has flights to major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


Main industries

Equipment manufacturing, textile and clothing, marine chemicals, paper-making and packaging, food processing, electronic information, biological pharmacy, and solar power

Local specialty

Kites, Yang Jiabu wood new year pictures, and green reddish



Number of visitors

Approximately 64555,400(year 2021)

Administrative divisions

Four districts (Weicheng, Kuiwen, Fangzi, and Hanting ) six county-level cities (including Qingzhou, Zhucheng, Shouguang, Anqiu, Gaomi and Changyi) and 2 counties (Changle and Linqu) are under the jurisdiction of the city.

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(As of March, 2024)