Congress Report
Photo: China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office
Xi’an City


Mr. Ye Niuping, Mayor
Assumed the mayoralty in June, 2023 



10,752 km2


permanent resident 12,995,900(2022)


CNY1148.651 billion (2022)

Upper tier

Shaanxi Province

Geographical features

Xi’an is the capital city of Shaanxi Province. It was the capital of thirteen dynasties in ancient China throughout the long history. Xi’an is located in the center of China’s geographical map and it is the conjoint region of the two major economic zones (central and western) in China, which regards the key path city from the northwest to the central plains north and east cities of China. Xi’an as the economic central city of the west and it is the bridgehead of implementing western development strategy, which has an important strategic position of connecting east to west and north to south and is one of the largest node cities in the national trunk highway network.

Main industries

High-tech industry, Equipment manufacturing, Tourism, Cultural industry, Modern service industry

City symbols

City flower: Pomegranate

Administrative divisions

Xi’an City --- 11 districts, 2 counties

Official website

Source: Official website of Xi'an;
            Xi'an 2022 Statistical Bulletin on National Economic and Social Development

(As of June, 2023)