Congress Report
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Yangzhou City

Head of City Government

Mr. Pan Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary, CPC Yangzhou Municipal Committee & Mayor, Yangzhou Municipal People’s Government
took office in Mar, 2023




6,591 km2 (2022)


4,484,600 (2022)  

GDP in Yangzhou City

CNY 742billion 326 million (2023)

Upper tier

Jiangsu Province

Geographical feature

Yangzhou stands at the junction of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal in central Jiangsu Province, serving as an important nodal city in the economic belt in the Yangtze River region as well as a port city of commerce, trade and tourism. A long time ago, Yangzhou was the traffic hub both in land and water, and Canal transportation; it is where diplomatic envoys from Japan landed on their way to Chang’an in the Sui and Tang dynasties.

Main industries

Advanced Manufacturing Industrial,such as Automobile and Auto Parts,High-End Equipment,New Power Equipment,Microelectronics, Software and Information Service,High-End Textiles and Clothing,Bio-pharmaceuticals and New Medical Equipment,Marine Equipment and High-Tech Shipbuilding,Food Industry,Aviation Industry.Modern Service Industries,Modern Agriculture and Construction Industry. (2022)

City symbols

City Flower: Qiong Flower(Viburnum keteleeri Carrière); City Tree: Ginkgo Tree; City Song: Jasmine 

Number of visitors

Total 103.21 million (2023)

Administrative divisions

Yangzhou administers one county (Baoying), two county-level cities (Gaoyou, Yizheng), three districts (Jiangdu, Hanjiang, Guangling) and three functional zones (Economic and Technological Development Zone, Biodiverse Sci-Tech City, Shugang-Slender West Lake Scenic Area). 

Official website

Source: Official website of Yangzhou City, Yangzhou City’s report of “Current Situation and Challenges” edited for the 1st East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress

(As of March, 2024)