Congress Report
Photo: China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office
Jiangsu Province

Head of Provincial Government

Mr. Xu Kunlin, Governor
Assumed the governorship in January 2022





85,150,000 (as of December 31, 2022)  


CNY 12.28756 trillion (2022)  


Nanjing City

Geographic features

Located in the center of the eastern coast of Mainland China. Found within the Yangtze Delta with predominantly flat land, in particular the South Jiangsu Plain, Yangtze-Huai Plain, Huang-Huai Plain and Eastern Seashore Plains. Jiangsu Province is also home to Lake Tai and Lake Hongze, which are among the top five freshwater lakes in China. Low mountains and hills are found in the southwest and northern parts of the province.

Main industries

Light industry; Textile; Metallurgy; petrochemical; Machinery;
Electronic information; New material; Energy conservation&environmental protection ; Medicine ; Alternative energy (2022) 

Number of visitors

Total 485,326 (Inbound overnight tourists,including those with long term residency) (2022)

Administration divisions

Jiangsu Province --- 13 cities

Official website

Sources: Official website of Jiangsu Province

(As of March, 2024)