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Linyi City

Head of City Government

Mr. Zhang baoliang, Mayor
Assumed the mayoralty in December 2022





17,200 km2 (2023)


10.993 million (2023)


CNY 610.5 billion (2023)

Upper tier

Shandong Province

Development zones

Linyi High Technology Development Zone, Linyi Economy and Technology Development Zone, Linyi Port Economy and Technology Development Zone

Geographic features

Linyi City is located in the southeast of Shandong Province, bordering Jiangsu Province to the south and facing the Yellow Sea to the north. It consists of 9 counties, 3 districts and 3 development zones (two of the zones are national projects). It covers 156 townships, towns and sub-districts and 4,013 administrative villages. Low lands, mountain areas and hilly areas, each accounting for one third of the land area. It is the biggest city in Shandong Province in terms of both population and area.

Main industries

Machinery equipment manufacturing, food processing, bio-pharmaceutical, agriculture, tourism, wood processing, distribution and wholesale business, chemical industry, building material manufacturing, and metallurgy


City tree: Gingko
City flower: Yizhou Aronia
City song: Ditty of Mount Yimeng

Other titles of the city

Geothermal City of China, Hot Spring City, Famous Calligraphy City, Famous Market City, Lumber Capital, Distribution Capital

Major events

Cultural Festival of Wang Hsi-chih, Sage of Calligraphy, China(Linyi) International Trade and Logistics Fair, Zhuge Kongming Culture Festival

Major tourist spots

Former residence of Wang Hsi-chih, Mengshan Mountain, Former residence of Zhuge Kongming, Yinqueshan Han Tomb and Bamboo Slips Museum, Underground Great Canyon, King City of Heaven, Tianyu Museum of Nature, Fei County Stone Forest, Tianbao Mountain Pear Orchard, Calligraphy Park, Rainbow Valley, Yi River Sunshine Beach, Yinan Han Dynasty Tombs

Local products

Peanuts, garlic, honeysuckles, burdocks, chestnuts, willow baskets, ginkgoes, dried vegetables

Number of visitors


Administrative divisions

9 counties, 3 districts and 3 development zones

Official website

Sources: Website of Linyi City

(As of March, 2024)