Photo: Hoi An City, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Socialist Republic of Vietnam :Government and Economy

System of government

Socialist republic


National Assembly (one chamber system)

Trade balance

Export: 243.7 billion USD (2018)
Import: 236.9 billion USD (2018)

Main exports/imports (As of 2018)

Main export: Fiber, Sewing goods, cell phones & parts, PC/electronic devices & parts, footwear,  mechanical equipment & parts, etc.
Main import: Mechanical equipment & parts, PC/electronic devices & parts, fiber, sewing goods, steel, cell phones & parts, etc.

Number of foreign visitors

18.01 million (2019)

Administrative divisions

53 provinces, 5 Centrally-run cities
(Can Tho, Danang, Hanoi, Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh)

Political system

The President, as the Head of State, is elected by the National Assembly to represent the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam internally and externally. The President has major executive and legislative power such as promulgating legal documents adopted by the National Assembly, as having overall command of the armed forces and appointing or dismissing the Vice-Presidents, Prime Minister, Chief Judge of the Supreme People's Court etc.

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(As of January, 2021)