Photo: Hoi An City, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Socialist Republic of Vietnam :Summary

Head of State Government

Vo Van Thuong, president
In March 2023, he became the President of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam


National Flag


329,241 km2


approx. 94.67 million (2018)


approx. 237.2 billion USD (2018)





Land, climates, ethnicities, religions, etc.

Distance between the northernmost point and the southernmost point: 1,650 km Distance East-West at max: 600 km (Northern), 400 km (Southern); at min: 50 km (Quảng Bình, Central Part) Mountains and highland hold 3/4 of the total area. Mountain system extends from the Northwest border to the eastern side of the South, 1,400 km in total length. Red River’s length is 1,149 km in which 510 km is on Viet Nam territory and Mekong River’s length is 4,220 km in which 220 km is on Viet Nam territory. Viet Nam is located in the tropical and temperate zone characterized by high temperature and humidity all year round, especially in rainy season.
Viet Nam is a multi-ethnic country with 54 ethnic groups coexisting peacefully, among which the Kinh people account for 86% of the population. Among ethnic minorities, the most populous are Tay, Thai, Muong, Hoa, Khmer, and Nung with a population of around 1 million each.
Buddhists constitutes the majority with 80.0%, Catholic with 7% and others like Cao Dai.

National symbols/anthem

National flower: Lotus (The people of Viet Nam regard the Lotus as one of the four
graceful flowers and plants, along with the pine, bamboo, and chrysanthemum.)
National anthem: “Tiến quân ca (The Song of the Marching Troops)”