Photo: Gyeongju City, Republic of Korea
Republic of Korea :Government and Economy

Government type

Democratic republic


Unicameral parliament

Trade balance

Exports 542.3 billion USD (2019)
Imports 503.3 billion USD (2019)

Main exports/imports

Main exports: Integrated circuits etc., cars, petroleum products, passenger ship, cargo ship, etc., telephone equipment & parts.

Main imports: Crude oil, integrated circuits etc., oil & gas etc., petroleum products, telephone equipment & parts

Number of international visitors

13,336,000 (2017)

Administrative divisions

Regional division: Special city (1), metropolitan city (6), special self-governing city (1), province (8), special self-governing province (1)

Municipality: City (75), county (83), autonomous area (69)

System of government

Three independent branches
The head of state is the President who is elected by the people via direct ballot.

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(As of January , 2021)