Meeting of Advocates <2009>

Date: Oct 25th ~ Oct 28th,2009 Meeting Report(4.3MB)
Participating local and regional governments: 19 governments from 3 countries
(China, Korea, Japan)
China(6):Shaanxi Province,Henan Province,Jiangsu Province,
             Xi'an City,Luoyang City,Yangzhou City
Korea(6):Chungcheongnam-do Province,Gongju City,Seosan City,
             Buyeo County,Gyeongsangbuk-do Province,Gyeongju City
Japan(7):Gifu Prefecture,Shizuoka Prefecture,Nara Prefecture,
             Nara City,Tenri City,Kashihara City,Asuka Village

Venue: Nara Prefecture, Japan

Main programs:
1.Opening Ceremony & Plenary Session (October 26th)

●Meeting of Advocates session I “Realities and Challenges of the Local and Regional Governments”
   (1) Nara Prefecture, (2) Shaanxi Province, (3) Chungcheongnam-do Province,
   (4) Henan Province, (5) Gongju City, (6) Shizuoka Prefecture, (7) Jiangsu Province,
   (8) Seosan City, (9) Nara City, (10) Xi'an City, (11) Buyeo County, (12) Tenri City,
   (13) Luoyang City, (14) Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, (15) Kashihara City,
   (16) Yangzhou City, (17) Gyeongju City, (18) Asuka Village, (19) Gifu Prefecture
●Meeting of Advocates session 2.
  ・ Introduction and discussion of the East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress Nara Charter (Draft)
  ・ Introduction, discussion, and adoption of the Nara Declaration on the Establishment of the East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress

2.Governor’s Banquet(October 26th)

3.Dialogue(October 27th)

“Toward the Promotion of Exchange between Japan, China, and South Korea: Building the Foundation for Stability and Prosperity of East Asia”

 MC: TANINO, Sakutaro, Vice Chairman, Steering Committee
 (1)Presentations (by Japanese delegation)
    (1) MATSUSHITA, Masayuki Vice Chairman & Chairman of the International Committee
    (2) HAYASHI, Yasuo Chairman and CEO, Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)/ Former Director-General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
    (3) Nara Prefecture
 (2)Presentations(by foreign delegations)
    (4) Shaanxi Province,China
    (5) Henan Province,China
     (6) Yangzhou City,China
    (7) Buyeo County,Korea 
   TANINO, Sakutaro, Vice Chairman, Steering Committee

4.Joint press Conference (October 27th)

Nara Declaration
concerning the Establishment of the East Asia Local and
Regional Government Congress

1. We, the representatives of Shaanxi Province, Henan Province, Jiangsu Province, Xian City,Luoyang City, Yangzhou City, Chungcheongnam-do Province, Gong ju City, Seosan City, Buyeo County, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Gyeongju City, Gifu Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture,Nara Prefecture, Nara City, Tenri City, Kashihara City, and Asuka Village have assembled in Nara, Japan on the 26th and 27th of October, 2009 to attend the Meeting of Advocates to establish the East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress.
2. As a result of our deliberations we have agreed to the Purpose of Establishment described below, and have decided to inaugurate the East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress and to hold the first Meeting of the Congress in Nara in 2010.
We have also agreed to aim for the adoption of the East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress Nara Charter at the first Congress Meeting in 2010.
3. Furthermore, we hereby have agreed to call upon other local and regional governments in East Asia which share our aspirations and have ties with one another, to join us in the East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress under the Objective described below.

Purpose of Establishment

The formal name of the Congress shall be the“ East Asia Local and Regional Government

The regions in East Asia have promoted exchanges in various fields through more than a millennium,and share many cultural heritages.
In the context of increasing globalization, the stable prosperity and progress of East Asia is predicated upon enhancing understanding, cooperation, and partnership while respecting their diversities,fostered by the history and culture of their respective regions.
To deepen mutual understanding among the diverse communities in East Asia, there must be continuous exchanges covering a wide range of areas.
Because of their close relationship with local residents, the local and regional governments know firsthand the realities and challenges facing their communities, and the candid discussion of such issues will promote true mutual understanding among the local and regional governments.
Therefore, there is a need for local and regional governments to assemble regularly to update one another on the realities and challenges of their regions, discuss common issues, promote deeper understanding, and explore possibilities for cooperation.
By thus convening on a regular basis, the local and regional governments can enrich their knowledge,improve their administrative capacities, strengthen friendship and trust amongst themselves,and furthermore contribute to the stability of relations among nations in East Asia and, ultimately, to the stable development of East Asia as a whole.
                                                                       October 26, 2009