Congress Report
Photo: Gyeongju City, Republic of Korea
Buyeo County

Head of County Government

Mr. Mayor Park Jeong Hyun
Inaugurated as Mayor of Buyeo County in July, 2022




624.6 km2


60,869(as of the end of JAN, 2023)
Men : 30,324 Women : 30,545


KRW 2,050.9 billion
Per capita: USD 27,487 

Upper tier


Geographic features

Buyeo is located at the southern area of Chuncheongnam-do, the center of the Korean peninsula. It also borders Cheongyang County to the north, Nonsan City and Gongju City to the east and northeast, Boryeong City and Seochen County to the west and southwest, and Jeollabuk-do Province across the Geum River to the southeast.

Main industries

Agriculture, Cultural tourism


County tree: Gingko
County flower: Lotus
County bird: Dove

Number of visitors

4,526,808(Estimated domestic tourists at the end of 2023)
915(Estimated foreign tourists at the end of 2023)

Administrative divisions

Buyeo County --- 1 eup, 15 myeons

Official website

Sources: Official website of Buyeo County, Buyeo County’s manuscript of Current Situation and Challenges edited for the 1st East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress

(As of March, 2024)