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Municipality of Baler

Head of the Municipal Government

Hon. Rhett Ronan T. Angara, Municipal Mayor
Assumed the mayoralty in July 1, 2019 (first term)




92.55 km2(2016)
smallest in terms of land area among the 8 municipalities of Aurora Province


 42,226 (2022-2023 CBMS Census)



CY 2023


 CY 2044


 Total Revenue:

 Php 194,760,616.00

 Php 210,636,096.00
 Internal Revenue Allotment  Php 163,205,366.00  Php 173,384,596.00
 Local-Sourced Revenue

Php 31,555,250.00

 Php 37,251,500.00

Upper Tier

Aurora Province

Geographic features

Baler is situated in the eastern coast of Luzon, in the central part of Aurora Province. It is 232 kilometers from Manila. It is located at coordinates 121°35” east longitude and 15°45’ north latitude. The vast expanse of Pacific Ocean is in the east of the town. The topography of Baler is 41% upland, located at the southeastern part of the municipality and 59% lowland in northwestern part. The upland consists of hills and mountains which formed part of the great Sierra Madre mountain range. The municipality’s lowland, which is the populated and agricultural area, serves as the drainage way of the municipality, which accommodates the water discharge to its two main rivers. (Coordinates based on CY1996-2006 Comprehensive Land Use Plan)

Main industries

Tourism Industry;Agricultural products such as coconut, palay, corn, banana, vegetables, etc.
Resource-based products such as sabutan weaved craft, wood furniture, food processing;


Municipal tree : Coconut
Municipal landmark :Baler Catholic Church

Number of Visitors (In terms of tourist destinations)

CY 2022: 60,425 CY 2023: 286,371 (Municipal)

Administrative divisions

(village government) : 13 barangays

Official website

Sources: Baler MPDO Database, Socio-Economic Profile 2014-2015, CDP Baler 2006-2020

(As of March, 2024)