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People's Republic of China :Government and Economy

System of government

Republic of the people

Trade balance

Exports 2,273.5 billion USD
Imports 1,680 billion USD
(Both in 2015, General Administration of Customs of China)

Main exports/imports

Main exports: Machinery, transportation equipment, light industry trade and rubber products
Main imports: Machinery, transportation equipment, mineral fuel and lubricating oils

Number of foreign visitors

25.98 million (2015, National Bureau Statistics of China)

Administrative divisions

Provincial level (provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, special administrative regions):34, Prefectural level (prefectural-level cities, autonomous prefectures):333, County level (counties, autonomous counties, county-level cities, districts):2,854, Township level (townships, towns, ethic townships): 40,381 (as of the end of 2014)

Political system

The National People’s Congress, the System of Multi-Party Cooperation and Political Consultation, and Autonomous Regions come under the rule of the Communist Party of China.

1. This is the highest state body. Its members are elected from provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, special administrative regions and the military.
2. This person exercises the sovereign rights of China as its head of state in connection with the Standing Committee of the NPC.
3. This is the chief authority of the state.
4. This body exercises command and control over the armed forces. It is the supreme military policy-making body.
5. This is the highest court.
6. This body is responsible for legal supervision of the state.

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(As of May, 2017)