Photo: Consulate-General of the Republic of the Philippines in Osaka
Republic of the Philippines :Summary

Head of State Government

Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President
Assumed the Presidency of Republic of the Philippines in June 2016

National Flag


299,404 km2


approx. 100.98 million (2015)


292 billion USD (2015)




The national language is Filipino, while Filipino and English are both official languages.
There are about 80 recognized languages.

Land, climates, ethnicities, religions, etc.

The Republic of the Philippines is a collection of some 7,107 islands, big and small, lying between 117˚ and 126 ˚E and between 4˚ and 20˚N. It has a climate between subtropical and tropical, with a comparatively large amount of rainfall and mild breezes. The main ethnicity is Malay. Other than this, there are Chinese, Spanish, mixtures of these and some minorities. The Republic of the Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia. About 93% of the population is Christian, while about 4 ~ 5% is Muslim and living in one area of Mindanao.

National symbols/anthem

National flower: Sampaguita
National anthem: Lupang Hinirang
National bird: Philippine Eagle