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Photo: Nara City Sightseeing Information Center, Kofuku-ji Temple
Photo taken by Tatehiko Yano
Dazaifu City

Head of City Government

Mr. Daizo Kusuda, Mayor
Assumed the mayoralty in January 2018 (first term)



Dazaifu seal


29.60km2(May 2019)


71,832(including foreign residents as of April 30th, 2020)
Men: 34,435 Women: 37,397


Real:JPY 176billion 920 million yen (2016)

Upper tier

Fukuoka Prefecture

Geographic features

Dazaifu city is located about 16 kilometers southeast of Fukuoka City. Dazaifu’s northeast portion is adjacent to Umi Town, Kasuya County. The southeast portion is adjacent to Chikushino City. The northwest portion is adjacent to Onojo City. To the east is Mt. Homan, and Mt. Shioji to the north. Mt.Homan is the source of the Mikasa River, which runs from the south to the northwest through the city. It converges with the Sagita River and Osano River, and empties into Hakata Bay. Eleven prefectural highways, including the Chikushino Koga Route, the Fukuoka Municipal Highway, the Kyushu Expressway, and the Route No. 3 National Highway run through the city. The Dazaifu and Mizuki interchanges are located on the Kyushu Expressway and the Fukuoka Municipal Highway, respectively. In addition to these, there are the JR Kagoshima Mainline, the Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line, and Nishitetsu Dazaifu Line, providing an important means of transportation for residents of the city.
Besides, Dazaifu city it still has many historical sites which reminds of the past, Dazaifu government office, Kanzeonji-Temple, Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and so on.
In April 2015, it was certified in Japan heritage as historical story “West capital of ancient Japan” -Exchanges base with East Asia-
Due to its relationship with the new era, "Reiwa," the city was once again attracting attention as the "city of Rewa origin," the exhibition. the special historical site, Dazaifu and its surroundings, outskirts came to attract attention, which was Manyoshu and the land of connection.
People more than all parts of The world come in the Dazaifu pavilion which can learn the history by display and a commentary.

Main industries

Wholesale/retail sales


City Tree : Camphor tree
City flower: Plum blossom

Number of tourists

8,180,000 (2019)

Official website 

Sources: Official website of Dazaifu City, Dazaifu City 5th General Plan, Overview of Dazaifu City, Prefecture residents' economy, city, town and village residents' economy calculation report (prepared by Fukuoka Prefecture)

(As of July, 2020)