Congress Report
Photo: Nara City Sightseeing Information Center, Kofuku-ji Temple
Photo taken by Tatehiko Yano
Niigata Prefecture

Head of Prefectural Government

Mr. Hideyo Hanazumi, Governor
Assumed the governorship in June 2018 (first term)





12,584.24 km² (as of 1st October 2019)
5th largest of 47 prefectures


2,206,566 (as of 1st May 2020)
Men: 1,070,557 Women: 1,136,009


Nominal: JPY 8.9944 trillion
Real: JPY 8.6226 trillion (both in FY2017)


Niigata City

Geographic features

Located on the Sea of Japan, slightly north of the center of the Isle of Honshu. Surrounded by mountains including the Asahi Mountain Range and the Echigo Mountain Range. Has many rivers that pour into the Sea of Japan, including the Shinano River, the longest river in Japan and the Agano River. Consists of vast fertile flatlands such as the Echigo Plains and Takada Plains. Sado Island is 45 km northwest of Niigata City.

Main industries

Food manufacturing, the chemical industry, fabricated metal products manufacturing


Prefectural tree: Snow camellia
Prefectural flower: Tulip
Prefectural bird: Japanese crested ibis
Prefectural fish: Nishikigoi(Ornamental Carp,Koi)
Prefectural symbol:Seal_Niigata_prefecture

Number of visitors


Administrative divisions

Niigata Prefecture --- 20 cities, 6 towns, 4 villages

Official website

Sources: Niigata Prefecture Official Website “Niigata Prefecture estimated population (as of 1st May 2020)”,“The Outline of 2017 Prefectural Economic Accounts”, “2018 Statistics on Visitors by Prefecture”’; Geographical Survey Institute “2019 Statistical reports on the land area by prefectures and municipalities in Japan”

(As of July, 2020)