Congress Report
Photo: China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office
Gansu Province

Head of Provincial Government

Mr. Ren Zhenhe, Governor
Assumed the governorship in Jan 2021



425,900 km2 (2019)


26,474,300 (2019)


CNY 901.67 billion (2020)


Lanzhou City

Geographic features

Located in the western interior of China in the upper reaches of the Huang River.  Bordering with Mongolia to the north.  The Huang River cuts across the center of the province, which extends long and narrow to the northwest.  Gansu Province has complex topography, composed of mountainous and hilly areas, valleys, lowlands, deserts and Gobi Desert.  There are railways, highways, airways, seaways, and pipelines, making the province a transportation and logistics hub in Northwest China.  The area is called the “Hexi Corridor” and provides important passage connecting to the Central and West Asia.

Main industries

Nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, machinery, electronic devices, cultivating and processing edible lilies, olives, beer ingredients, and Chinese medicine ingredients

Number of visitors

Total 213,000,000 (2020)

Administrative divisions

Gansu Province --- 12 cities, 2 autonomous prefectures

Official website

Source: Official website of Gansu Province

(As of May, 2021)