Congress Report
Photo: China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office
Shaanxi Province

Head of Provincial Government

Mr. Zhao Yide, Governor
Assumed the governorship in August 2020



205,600km²(by the end of 2019)


38,762,100(by the end of 2019)


CNY 2,579.317 billion (2019)


Xi’an City

Geographic features

Shaanxi Province is divided into three natural zones: the Loess Plateau in the north, Weihe Plain in the central part and Qinling Mountain Range in the south.

Main industries

Advanced energy, chemical engineering, equipment manufacturing, aerospace, electronic information, automobile manufacturing, new materials, etc.

Number of visitors

Total 4,657,200(Foreign Tourists)(2019)

Administrative divisions

10 prefecture-level cities.
30 municipal districts, 6 county-level cities and 71 counties, totaling 107 county-level divisions.

Official website

Sources: Official website of Shaanxi Province;

(As of August, 2020)