2020.3 Open

At the Nara Prefecture Historical and Artistic Culture Complex, you get to experience all the culture
that the people of Nara take pride in, such as history, art, food, agriculture, and more.
We are planning to go public about the restoration workshops of 4 types of cultural property
(Buddhist Sculptures, paintings and writings, historical buildings, and archaeological discoveries)
with explanations for the first time in Japan. We also hold events where you can interact with artists
that we invite from Japan and abroad as well as art programs for children.
In addition to on-site visits and explanations, we hold learning programs that let you discuss with
experts and other participants to expand your cognitive curiosity and deepen your understanding.
Believing in the importance of getting people to initiate all five senses, interact with various people,
and experience it first-hand to pique the question of "Why?", we continue to provide the fun of
exploring knowledge.

「なぜ?」が芽生える。「知る」を楽しむ。感じる・体験する・つながる 「なぜ?」が芽生える。「知る」を楽しむ。感じる・体験する・つながる
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