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(Kagawa Pref) Exhibition of Kagawa and Ehime Local Products

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Exhibition of Kagawa and Ehime Local Products

Kagawa Prefectural Government participated in the Regional Produce Fair in Korea. Local products from Kagawa were exhibited alongside products from Ehime Prefecture at the Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam Branch. The event ran from Friday March 23rd to Thursday March 29th 2012 and was coordinated by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations Seoul Office. The aim of the exhibition was to develop a market for local products from Kagawa in Korea.


The exhibition focused on unique Kagawa products, including Sanuki Udon noodles (the half-dried and frozen varieties), saké, liquor, candy made using ingredients from Shikoku, rice toppings made from Sanuki Udon noodle stock, warabi-mochi, and fried tofu for inari-zushi.


The exhibition also focused on promoting tourism in Kagawa with tourism pamphlets and posters. Warabi-mochi sellers demonstrated the art of covering the sweets in soy flour and cutting them into pieces. The most common type of mochi in Korea is the firm kind, so the softer jelly-like texture of warabi-mochi is a new sensation for Korean consumers and proved to be a big hit. Inari-zushi was also popular, as sellers demonstrated how to make it by wrapping sushi rice in fried tofu. Kagawa representatives are currently consulting with the Shinsegae Department Store and other importers about continuing to sell Kagawa products in Korea.

The popular Warabi-mochi

The bustling exhibition venue

The popular   Warabi-mochi 

The bustling exhibition venue

Kuniharu Matsuura, Supervisor, Local Products Promotion Division  087-832-3385