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(Nara Pref)“NARASIA” East Asia School Held

Nara Pref-Japan

“NARASIA” East Asia School

In accordance with a proposal made in one of the “Regional Reports” sessions during the First East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress, Nara Prefecture held “NARASIA” East Asia School for people including local government employees and postgraduate students from Japan, China and Korea. It was a short-term intensive seminar for 20 days from July 18th (Mon.) to August 6th (Sat.), 2011.
This project fostered great interaction among young people from East Asia. It offered an opportunity for young people who are potential leaders to think and discuss the future of East Asia.

1. Date: Monday, July 18th – Saturday, August 6th, 2011 (20 days)

2. Place: Nara City (Nara Prefectural University, Nara Prefecture New Public Hall, etc.); Totsukawa Village in Yoshino-gun (including Imoze District);

and other places

3. Program: Lectures by experts from various fields and group discussions Fieldwork

4. Number of participants: 38 
              including 18 from China

   11 from Korea

     9 from Japan 

                    Report on “NARASIA” School(19.14MB)

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