Congress Report
Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia.
West Java Province

Head of Regional Government

Mr. Muhammad Ridwan Kamil
Assumed the governorship in October 2018







48,683,861 people, Population Growth Rate:1.34%, Population Density 1,312 Inhabitants/km2, the most populous province in Indonesia.
Men : 24.652 million Women : 23.031 million


US$ 510.1 billion, Economic Growth Rate: 5.64% (2018) 0.3% Increase From 2017


Bandung City

Geographic features

Geographically, West Java Province lies between  5o 50’-7o 50’ South Latitude and 104o 48’-108o 48’-108o48’ East longitude, and located in the western part of the island of Java, it is bounded:
•on the North by Java Sea and Special Province of Jakarta;
•on the East by Central Java Province;
•on the South by Indonesian Ocean and;
•on the West by Province of Banten.
Has fertile area which comes from volcanic deposit and posesses many rivers across so the most of the land are suitable for agriculture. This condition is supported by tropical climate with high rainfall.

Main industries

Creative economy industries; food manufacturing; manufacturing of industrial machinery and equipment; manufacturing of electronic components, devices and circuits; manufacturing of automotive.


Ovoid shape: forms of shield that is widely used by the ancient royal army
Cleaver: versatile tool that is known in almost every Sundanesse household and if necessary, can also be used as a tool of self guards.
Rice: staple food of West Java community as well as symbolizing food
Cotton: clothing symbolizes
Mountain: symbol that shows the greatest part of West Java in the form of regional mountains.
River and Canal: symbolizes the river, canal and waterways are numerous in West Java; rice fields and plantations.
Dam: water channel activities in the field of irrigation and dam is one concern principal as West Java is an agricultural area.

Number of visitors

Domestic tourist: 63,298,608 visitors (accommodation: 16,188,779 visitors, tourism attraction: 47,109,829 visitors) and international tourist (accommodation: 2,597,455 visitors)

Administrative divisions

West Java Province: 18 Regencies / 9 Municipalities, consisting of 626 districts, 643 urban villages and 5319 rural villages.

Official website

Sources: Official website of West Java Province, West Java development data (West Java Planning Board), West Java Medium-Term Development Plan (2013-2018), FY 2014 West Java profile data.

(As of May, 2019)