Congress Report
Photo: Nara City Sightseeing Information Center, Kofuku-ji Temple
Photo taken by Tatehiko Yano
Aomori Prefecture

Head of Prefectural Government

Mr. Shingo Mimura, Governor
Assumed the governorship in July 2003 (fourth term)




9,645.64 km2 (2017)
 8th largest of 47 prefectures


1,308,649(as of October 2015)
Men: 614,608 Women: 694,041
31st most populated of 47 prefectures


Nominal: JPY 5.402 trillion
Real: JPY 4.5604 trillion (both in FY2015)


Aomori City

Geographic features

Located at the northernmost point of Honshu and almost the same latitude as Beijing, New York and Rome.
Surrounded by seas on three sides and split roughly in two by the Ou Mountain Range that runs down the middle of the prefecture. Because of the complexities of the sea area and topography, the climate varies significantly from area to area even within the same prefecture.

Main industries

Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries (apples, nagaimo, garlic, etc), manufacturing industry (non-ferrous metals, foodstuffs, electronic components)


Prefectural tree: Japanese cypress
Prefectural flower: Apple blossom
Prefectural bird:Swan

Number of visitors

Total 35,157,000 (2016)

Administrative divisions

Aomori Prefecture --- 10 cities, 22 towns, 8 villages

Official website

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(As of July, 2018)