Congress Report
Photo: Gyeongju City, Republic of Korea
Gyeongju City

Head of City Government

Mr. Joo Nak-young, Mayor
Assumed the mayoralty in July 2018




1,324.41㎢ (2019)


256,653 (in 2019)
Male 128,676 Female 127,977


10 trillion 487.8 billion KRW (in 2016)
GDP per capita 38.99 million KRW (in 2016)

Upper tier

Gyeongsangbuk-do Province

Geographic features

Located in the southeastern part of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. Has four distinct seasons with wide different temperature gap due to the influence of the continental climate. The inland area is a basin and the heat is more severe than the coastal area. The average annual temperature is 12.5℃ and the rainfall is 1,157mm.

Main industries

Tourism, Automobile-related Industries, Agricultural & Livestock Industries


City Tree: Pine Tree, City Flower: Forsythia
City Bird: Magpie, City Stars: Mizar of the Big Dipper

Number of visitors

12,306,600(number of domestic tourists)
580,000(number of foreign tourists in 2018)

Administrative divisions

4 Eups, 8 Myeons and 11 Dongs in Gyeongju City

Official website

Sources: “Status and Tasks” of Gyeongju City, the manuscript for the 1st East Asian Local Governments Convention, Gyeongju City Website

(As of May, 2019)