Congress Report
Photo: Gyeongju City, Republic of Korea
Gyeonggi Province

Head of Provincial Government

Mr. Lee Jae-myung, Governor
Assumed the governorship in July 2018 (first term)




10,187 km2 (17 times that of Seoul)


13,520 thousand people (25% of the total population in Korea, as of 2019)


414.3 trillion KRW * (as of 2017)


Suwon City

Geographic features

Gyeonggi Province is located in the central west area of the Korean Peninsula and surrounds the Korean capital city of Seoul. Situated between 126° and 127° east longitude and between 36° and 38° north latitude, Gyeonggi Province is bordered to the north by the 38th parallel (Demilitarized Zone separating South Korean and North Korea), and to the west by the Yellow Sea. Gyeonggi Province is divided into northern and southern halves by the Han River, which flows through the province from east to west. The northeastern area is mountainous while the southwestern area consists of wide plains.

Main Industries

Automotive Display Semiconductor
25% of Korean auto
industry workers in
Gyeonggi Province
24% of Korean auto
part manufacturers
in Gyeonggi
Global Market Share:
TFT LCD 44.7%
PDP 72%
OLED 94.2%
Global Market Share:
DRAM 47%
Memory IC 38%
NAND Flash 56%


Gyeonggi's symbol represents the ambition, fortitude and resolve of the province to emerge as a leader in a prosperous world.
(Flower: Forsythia / Bird: Dove / Tree: Gingko)

Number of visitors

18,618,674 people (as of 2017)
- Domestic : 16,538,296 people
- International : 2,080,378 people

Administrative divisions

31 local autonomies (28 cities and 3 counties)

Official website

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(As of May, 2019)