Congress Report
Photo: China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office
Henan Province

Head of Provincial Government

Mr. Yin Hong, Governor

Assumed the governorship in January 2020



167,000 km2


95,591,300 (2018)

GDP in Henan Province

CNY 4.8055 trillion (2018)


Zhengzhou City

Geographical features

Located in Eastern China. Borders with Shaanxi Province, Anhui Province and Shandong Province. Henan Province has a complicated topography of many plains, basins, mountains and hills. The landscape also features a large difference in elevation with the western part of the province being high and eastern part low. The province is surrounded by mountains to the north, west and south with small basins in-between them. Large plains cover the eastern part of the province.

Main industries

Industry, machinery, manufacturing, food manufacture, agricultural products (wheat, corn, cotton) (2018)

Number of visitors

Total:786000,000 (Domestic and foreign tourists), (2018)

Administrative divisions

17cities,1 province directly governing county

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(As of January, 2020)